Abdul Sattar Edhi, A Source of Inspiration

Abdul Sattar Edhi, inspiration of millions of people, is living a life that can be taken as the role model for being successful in life. Throughout his life, he followed his principles to help humans. He spent his entire life in service of humanity. One of his principle is to think bigger and then do everything possible to transform that thinking to reality. His father Haji Abdul Shakoor Edhi used to say, “It is important to think without limitations.” He came up with an idea that he will serve humanity, build hospitals and help mentally retarded people. At that time he didn`t have enough money or resources to convert his ideas into reality. He just started from the simple things. He started to sell pencils and matchboxes on the streets and donated half of the earning to poor. With the passage of time he shifted many occupations but he stick to his goal and his hard work brought fruit. Now he is considered as the biggest humanitarian in Pakistan.

This principle of Abdul Sattar Edhi is the most inspirational principle that I can relate to my life. While reading the auto biography of Abdul Sattar Edhi, I realized that his father was right about we should think without limitations. I have chosen this example because in my life I went through some moments when I decided to do something and then achieved that goals. After my matriculation, my parents forced me to join my brother in F.Sc. Pre Medical classes. Pre Medical was not the field I was interested in so I left the class after a few months and spent half of a year sitting idle. After some time I realized that it is unfair that I am doing to myself and my family. So, I decided to start my education over. For that outcome, I had to gain trust of parents. At first they refused and asked me where have you been before? But I had a solid and firm decision in my mind that I will start my education again. I worked really hard to develop their faith in me. On the other hand, I silently gather information about admission openings in different institutes. Next year, when admission opened, I finally convinced parents for admission.

To achieve goal I had to work really hard. I didn`t have the enough money to bare my expanses. I didn`t have enough knowledge to acquire a job. So, I set my targets that I will start my studies and show them a good result to earn my trust that I had lost. I got admission in a private institution and selected computer science major. From my childhood, I was interested in technology related applications. I finally got the chance to prove myself. I turned my days and nights. After a couple of weeks my teachers were telling my parents about how competent I am. They thanked my parents for allowing me a second chance. They also helped a little in my studies and in annual examination my results were exceptional. That was the moment when I understand that your thoughts are your limitation. If you want to achieve something, just make it your first priority, have faith in Allah and soon you will be tasting fruits of your hard work.

Takeaways that one can earn from these experiences are simple. If you want to be successful in life, always think out of the box. If you failed in some situations or there is not any way to move forward, it is not the ending point. Sooner or later you will find a way to success if you are consistent, work hard and have faith in Allah. Do not ever let anyone tell you that you can`t do anything. There is only way to check that out and it is by doing that.