Assessments will assess you well only if you want..

As a computer science student I go for a test that is most related to the information technology. I selected the assessment test for the LGES Computer Science. Actually it was a sample test for the teacher recruitment. I download the test and solve it as I am sitting in exam room environment. It took me 30 minutes to solve the test. After completing the test I found out that the solution key was given at the end of the test. That was a big surprise for me because if I knew that already, I would not have spent 30 minutes to solve it. Well everything happens for the good. After completing the test, I matched the results and I was surprised that I have got only 5 wrong answers. And most of them from the analytical part. It cost me 2 wrong answers. Although the test looks like easy but there were some areas where I find difficult to make quick decisions. For example, in analytical part I did not understand the questions properly. That`s why I got the wrong answers. But I am trying to improve my weakness and to understand the question scenarios well. Hoping with the techniques that I have learned in sessions will help me.