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Moin Akhtar
May 10, 2016 · 3 min read
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iotech is a startup with high hopes for future development. They recently launched Svitch, a product of home automation and intelligence. The product is aimed to develop a central system that can control and create communication between all aspects of house.One can control house 24/7, anywhere, anytime. This home automation system saves energy, improves security, give new living experience, and lets you control your complete house (banks, hospitals, societies, universities, industries) by using Remote Control (IR Sensor) and Smart phone application (Wi-Fi Communication).

The project was started with a concept to develop a product which could survive and gain the market attention. The product is stable and ready to be installed.Some exciting features has been integrated with system beside controlling and switching, which includes double pass security check, encryption, temperature sensor (to determine the temperature of each room), scheduling of the appliances, power consumption, unit calculation, and electricity cost estimation. Some more unique features are under development which would be revealed timely.

iotech is targeting the housing schemes for complete and customized automation. The architecture of the product is designed in the way that it can bear considerable load, therefore, much of its application can be found in the small and heavy industries. Particular machines are required to be controlled and scheduled. The proposed system has the capacity to replace the man-power employed in the industries with svitch for this purpose.
Svitch can prove fruitful in control sheds as well where temperature is required to be controlled in regular interval of time. They aim to target the seminar hall, conference rooms, offices, lecture halls, and presentation rooms of educational institutions for the proposed automation system. The electrical appliances companies could possibly show their interest in the product where they can integrate svitch’s circuitry at the back end of appliances. Similarly, banks, hospitals, hotels, and restaurants will be interested to experience the automation along with other features. With little efforts, government sector can be one of the customers too.

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iotech guarantees to provide them a cheap solution with svitch. One device of approximately six thousand rupees can switch and schedule all street lights that are connected in series. Conventional switching works along with application control. The feature of scheduling can be used to save energy. Startup is working in the integration of fire alarms, smoke detectors and ip cameras with Svitch which can ensure home security as well. The approximate cost, unit and power consumed (electricity) can be calculated with the proposed product. The communication and control are stable. Svitch guarantees comfortable life style in an affordable cost.

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