SQL Learning in a Week

Being a computer science student learning new languages and computer related technologies are the best hobbies that an individual can maintain. Same thing applies on me. I wanted to learn SQL from the very start of my bachelor’s program. SQL stands for Standard Query Language and is being widely used for creation and manipulation of databases.

Last year I got a chance to enroll myself in one of the courses of Databases where I managed to perform particularly well. During the course, the scope and application of databases got me involved in the subject. In the world of today, the amount of data generated and stored is enormous. In order to handle such huge mass of raw data, and convert it into relevant information, we need to maintain databases, so that information could be retrieved from the dataset when required. To server this purpose, SQL is being used in desktop application, web based application and also in mobile applications. The course induced spark in me to explore more about this language and apply my abilities in this direction.

Previously, I have tried multiple times to work on SQL but odds were against me. Initially, I couldn`t give much time to explore the subject. Time maintenance has been one of the biggest challenges for me. Semester pressure, work load, term projects, and family time, all served to keep me from learning and exploring what I thought could be really interesting. Also, most of the programing languages have almost the same syntax and are easy to adopt. But SQL is a query language which totally different from programming languages. It has its own syntax, clauses, and reserve words. Therefore, it demanded extra time to observe and adopt its conventions.

One of the reasons for not being able to accomplish my fore-mentioned objectives has been the lack of knowledge about learning techniques. Amal Academy has really helped me find the way out to learn what I love. They taught me a different way to handle and approach things so that I may not get distracted by other activities at hand. I selected a few tutorial websites for the material and test examples. The websites like w3schools and tutorialspoint have helped me to learn SQL for web-based technologies and desktop applications. Now, I have divided my learning goals in multiple steps so that I can handle and complete each and every task on time. I am adopting following technique:

  1. Time table: I have organized a proper time table. In this time table, I have decided to work an hour daily on SQL learning and then give 15 minutes for the evaluation and implementation of the methods that I have learned. With the help of this time table, it is now easy for me to work on daily basis without any kind of distraction.
time table towards achievements

2. Basic Clauses and Arithmetic: After establishing a proper time table, I have started with the basics of databases and SQL. This portion is relatively easy for me because I have already covered most of the basic concepts in the university coursework.

3. Multiple Table Operations: After covering the basics, I have to work on advance methods of handling multiple tables. A table is a collection of data related to a single entity. This part is comparatively tough and a step towards complexity. I am in the process of covering this portion.

This approach has helped me find out result quickly. Now I am studying SQL regularly and due to the time table management, it is a piece of cake for me to cover more material and practice frequently. This has helped to work my activities smoothly without facing problems. Before adopting this style of learning, I was all over the place with no proper schedule and method of execution. But now I am not only working on my final year project, but also learning that I have always curious about. The technique of dividing a large problem in multiple small problems is really helping me out towards the end of my four years bachelor’s program. The bundle of sticks is now piece-wise separated and calling me to come and break each of them.

From this approach and experience, I have learnt that most of the things in your life are not that tough as they look like or as horrifying as you may think about them. If you really want to do something, you just have to stick to it without caring about the results. Even if you fail, it would be one of the steps towards learning.

To encapsulate, I have covered most of the material related to the desktop applications and web based applications. Next on the list is to learn advance concepts and get hands-on with android applications. With the increasing trend of smart phones, the use of Android applications has also increased. If I continue my learning with the current pace and technique, I am sure to end up accepting a handsome job offer.

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