Three A`s of Awesome

Moin Akhtar
Mar 31, 2016 · 1 min read

Based on the video the three A`s of awesome are the most impressive things that I have ever heard of. For that reason my first smart goal is to apply these three A`s of awesome which are Attitude, Awareness and Authenticity in my practical life. I will try to use these principles in my current going on events and upcoming stages of my life. My second smart goal is to adopt a positive attitude in my behavior that would help me in HR interviews. Having a positive attitude and awareness of the current happenings will surly help me out getting a handsome job. Being authentic with myself will show my passion and other good qualities to the interviewers. My third smart goal is to enjoy my life with my friends of university as much as possible. As in coming couple of months I am graduating from the university and in this very short time I want to set some beautiful memories. I want to bunk my lectures, go out with friends, celebrate parties with my friends and many more crazy things that I haven`t done in my past life because life is very short and we don’t know when we have to say good bye to everyone. So when there is a time why don’t I actually live it?