Four Easy Ways To Build Backlinks For Startups

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As a startup you care less about backlinks. After all, there are much important metrics to care about- leads, sales and revenue.

However, if free organic visitors by ranking high on search engine is important for your startup then it makes sense to have a solid link building strategy in place. Because link building remains one of the important ranking factors.
Even if you have the best content, products and customer service, you will still need backlinks to rank consistently high on Google.

For beginners, backlinks are incoming links from another site to your site. In SEO terminology, when a web page from another site links to your site, it is called a backlink.

3 Reasons Why StartUps Should Give Importance To Backlinks

1. It is an important signal to the Google bots for ranking. According to a comprehensive study by Backlinko, it was found to be the most important signal for search engine rankings. So, it’s simple. Good backlink profile translates to higher search engine rankings.

2. It can drive referral traffic to your site. If you have a backlink from a good website with hundreds of visitors, it can drive you traffic for years to come. And it will be targeted traffic. May be, they can be your subscriber in future.

3. It is good for your branding. Even if someone reading your content won’t click on the anchor text and become an immediate visitor, they will definitely consider you as an expert on the topic. And will associate your brand as with that topic.

How StartUps Should Build Backlinks?

The process of building backlinks has changed over the years. Earlier it used to be building thousands of spammy backlinks with exact match anchor text and boom, you would rank high on Google. But it’s not the same anymore. Trust and Relevancy are important signals while building backlinks. And building links for startups are quite different for any other vertical.

Let us see discuss four easy ways to build backlinks for any startup.

1. Submit Your Startups To StartUp Directories

This is no-brainer. There are many well known directories where you can create a backlink profile for your startup. It will take you a couple of hours to do this. You can also hire a VA for this job.

Some of the well-known directories for Startups where you can submit are:



Inc42 Magazine


Tech Attitude

Killer Startups


The Startup Pitch

Top Alternatives

Venture Beat

2. Digital PR

Since you’re a startup, you must be having something interesting to offer to press. Worry not, if you don’t. You can always brainstorm and come up with an interesting idea to pitch to publications. Easier way to do this is to contact the writers associated with the publications. I will show you an easy with an example.

Say, for example, you want yourself to be featured on BBC. You have to find out the writers who write for the BBC. You can do that with a simple query like this:

Check out their profiles and select a few of them (who have previously written on a similar topic).

Now that you’ve identified the writer you want to work with, you have to reach out to them. For getting their emails, I would suggest you to use a web app like It was recently featured in Product Hunt and I absolutely love it for outreach.

3. Post Articles On Your Blog

As a startup founder, you’re a subject matter expert. You can offer a unique viewpoint regarding your product or customers. As a startup, you may also be having some interesting data that you can share with your audience.

So, publish high quality content on your blog that will give your unique insights on the topic.

If you offer interesting and unique content, people will share and link to your articles naturally. But you may also have to build relationships and do outreach asking fellow bloggers asking for linking back to your post.

4. Guest Posting

Guest posting is posting is posting blogs on another blog. It is the fastest way to gain traffic and build an authority.

There are many articles and blog posts on the internet teaching you how you can guest post.

Guest-Posting on Steroids: A 4-Step Blueprint That the Top Guest …

The Definitive Guide to Guest Blogging — Backlinko

But simply, it boils down to 3 steps.

First thing before you start guest-posting is to identify the blogs which are frequented by your users. Make a list of them in excel.

Next is to build a relationship with the blogger, by commenting on the blogs or by connecting on social media.

After you’ve built a rapport and understood the type of content that may go well with the audience of that blog, contact the blog owner with few suggestive topics. There are many templates on the web. But I would suggest to take a very direct approach. If they accept it, then all you have to do is send them your content.


In this article, I’ve only touched upon four ways to build backlinks. There are many other ways to build backlinks for your site. I’m curious to know what methods do you use to gain backlinks for your startup? Let me know in comments.




Passionate about SEO, Analytics, Inbound Marketing, Entrepreneurship.

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Moinuddin Gholam

Moinuddin Gholam

Passionate about SEO, Analytics, Inbound Marketing, Entrepreneurship.

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