The basics: Hope and Other Punchlines is a 2019 Young Adult novel by Julie Buxbaum. It features Abbi Hope Goldstein and Noah Stern and is set in New Jersey almost sixteen years after the events of 9/11.

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Currently available in hardcover, softcover, Kindle, and audio book.

Why you might care what I think: I’m a high school English teacher, so I read a lot of young adult novels. A lot. Way too many. Seriously, my wallet cringes every time I even think about going to the bookstore. …

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Malck looking ahead on our trip.

Malck and I recently finished a 479 mile road trip!

We traveled from Raeford, NC to Hendersonville, NC to pick up one of the dogs that the rescue we volunteer with adopted out a year or so ago. Poor Pepper (f/k/a Bonnie) was picked up in the Pisgah National Forest all by herself. Her former owner was not interested in reclaiming her, so Malck and I went on behalf of the rescue to spring Pepper from doggie jail.

Traveling across town with your pet is usually quick and easy, but if you are planning a longer trip with your furry…

Moira Brennan

Moira is a video-game playing high school English teacher and author who is patiently waiting for her chance to become a dragon trainer.

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