Positive Thinking Is A Lie
Alex Balk

People say that how you say something is what’s important, and I think that’s largely bullshit. It’s not my fault that many people get offended all the time. And arrogance isn’t determined by how you say something, but by how you think of yourself.

What I mean to say is — I also consider myself to be right almost all of the time — something that is super rare and comes only from rational, pragmatic, thorough thinking, super-high morals, and a nearly complete lack of apathy concerning anything at all. If I were ruler of the Earth, we’d probably in a reasonable amount of time have no major or moderate problems or disappointments to speak of in any category. Except maybe various diseases and disorders, individual persons’ prejudices, and all the money and constant work needed for road reconstruction. Haven’t quite figured out how to fix or bypass that last one yet. I don’t have time for nobody’s apathy, bias, or bullshit.

So when you said you were right all the time and you wanted some credit here and there, I was proud. Proud to know I’m not the only one who gets it.

Also, yeah. Positive thinking is a lie. This planet sucks. You love and enjoy what you love and enjoy — and that should never be taken from you (though flaws should be understood, admitted to, and dealt with)— but this place is still a huge mess. Thanks for the article.