Designing the Perfect Product Packaging

Packaging might seem like a necessity to get your product from one point to another, but it’s actually a very valuable touchpoint for your customers. We live in an age where people sometimes buy products just because of the packaging. Look on Instagram and Youtube and you’ll find people sharing cute packaging and doing unboxing videos. So, your retail product packaging can be a great way to market your brand both attracting new customers and increasing perceived product value within your current customer base.

So, what does it take to create amazing product packaging? We’re going to be taking you through the steps from design, to picking materials to the shipping process.

Understanding Your Brand

Your brand identity should be loud and clear on your packaging. That includes your color palette and logo, but also the goals and direction of your brand. You don’t want to invest in product packaging until you have your brand identity worked out!

Know Your Target Audience

Once you have a firm grasp of your brand identity, take a look at how that identity works in regards to your target audience. What experience will your customers expect in relation to your packaging?

Amazon for instance, focuses their minimalistic packaging on the principles of their customers who expect quick products delivered at their continence for cheap prices. Amazon’s packaging does a good job of representing the customer’s expectations.

So, ask yourself how you can align with your customer’s expectations? Are your products artsy? Your packaging should perhaps have an artistic vibe.

Are your products homemade? Perhaps a handwritten note and simplistic, yet cute packaging best represent what your customer expects.

Is your product expensive or a luxury item? Your packaging supplies should radiate with luxury, sleek colors, tissue paper, and a custom-printed letter with details about the product.

The Practical Variables

Now that you have an idea of your brand identity and the customer experience you want to deliver, you now need to think about the practical variables in delivering your product.

Some of those variables include:

Durability: What kind of protection does your product and your product packaging need? Does your fancy custom box need to be inside a plain box to protect it? Is your product breakable?

Function: Does your product have special considerations that need to be taken into account like perishability?

Shipping Costs: Consider the size, weight and shape of your box and how much this will increase your shipping costs. You may need to play around with sizes of packaging to come up with the best solution.

Scalability: What will realistically work as you scale your business? Do you plan on scaling your homemade items up to 2000 orders a week over the next year? If so, that handwritten letter might not be a practical part of your packaging.

What Do You Need?

What all are you actually going to need to make each package perfect? An outer box, labels, packaging tape, bubble wrap, tissue paper, stickers, twine, inserts… make a list of everything you’re going to need.

Stand Out

Take some time to do a little research into your industry and see what other brands are doing. This can help you come up with a packaging strategy that allows you to stand out in your industry and also to make sure you’re performing at industry standards.


When you add up what you need, the packaging costs and the costs of shipping, you may find that your professional looking packaging is going to cost you a lot more than you thought. You will need to decide if the investment it worth it. If not, you can always start smaller using other elements like custom labels and scale your packaging as you scale your business.

There are many options for packaging online that can help keep your costs down and allow you to work at smaller order quantities. In addition, you can save money by using free online design platforms to DIY your own packaging designs.

Get Your Designs

You now have an idea of what you want and what you’re going to pay for. This means, it’s time to get your design elements ready. Like mentioned above, you can use various online design platforms to design your packaging elements, or you can hire a professional. If you hire a professional, make sure to hire one who is reputable and specially designs packaging.

Place Your Order and Get Your Packaging

You’re now ready to upload your design to your supplier and get your packaging!