London youth group reviving the message of Imam Hussain

The supreme sacrifice contained a pure message for all times; resist tyranny, oppression and falsehood at all costs and under all circumstances

Every year Shia Muslims from around the world gather in the holy month of Muharram to commemorate the death of Imam Hussain, the grandson of the Holy Prophet.

The events of Karbala reflect the collision of the good versus the evil, the virtuous versus the wicked, and the collision of Imam Hussain versus the tyrant Yazid.

A group of dedicated youth in London known as Shabab Al Sibtayn have been volunteering for years to host events and initiatives that aim to bring the Muslim community together. The youth group focuses on organising events and has been rising in popularity especially in north-west London, since 2011. The Muharram events are broadcast live on a Sky channel platform, Ahlulbayt TV.

“A welcoming, humble environment which often feels more like a fraternal camp than a mosque.”

The inclusive environment and electric atmosphere of the group’s Muharram events attracts Shia Muslim youth from across the country. Their events attract Iraqis, Iranians, Bahrainis, Pakistanis, Lebanese, Khoja as well as African and Caribbean converts. Its openness means that followers from a range of theological inclinations all attend in unison.

This year after months of hard work by more than 30 volunteers, an exhibition opened to relive the event of Karbala. It covers the story of his sacrifice, giving context to why the battle took place. A model built battlefield centers the exhibition, followed by life size tents leading visitors to the story of the priest who paid a significantly large sum to host the head of Hussain for the night, stating that he saw the glow from his face.

“I’ve recently visited The Hussain Legacy exhibition in London and it is truly exceptional. The organisers of the exhibition have captured and managed to deliver the key moments of Karbala in a visually captivating way”

A Children’s workshop was also set up and included presentations, poetry, quizzes as well as inspiring lessons from the event of Karbala

The exhibition is open every weekend from 12pm-7pm until the 29th of November.


Address: Al Majlis Al Hussaini

The Hussain Legacy Exhibition

Oxgate Lane


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