This edition of the Dorothy Ramon Learning Center August 2020 newsletter has been reprinted in full.

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Chia: A plant of power

In this newsletter we explore paanihac (Serrano), pasal (Cahuilla), pashal (Luiseño), ‘ilépesh (Barbareño Chumash), nulh’amulh (Kumeyaay), or chia, as this sage plant (Salvia columbariae) is known in a few local Southern California languages. Chia’s tiny seeds offer an important Native American traditional energy food.

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Dorothy Ramon: They could do anything anywhere

Dorothy Ramon remembered in Serrano:
“‘Amay kwenemu’ ‘uviht chaway tengek nerneerm taaqtam ‘uviht. …


Mojave Desert Land Trust

The Mojave Desert Land Trust is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization protecting lands with natural, scenic, and cultural value within the Mojave Desert.

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