A girl with a computer

Wine glass in one hand, a keyboard on my lap, I’m replying to positive feedback on my book I got from all over the world.

Then it hit me. The era we live in is so incredibly exciting, yet so overwhelmingly weird.

This strange feeling came over me. Running a business was so different a few years ago; everything filled with strict policies and corporate bullshit. Whereas today I can do everything from my home office. A girl with a computer. A box that does everything I tell it to. And it gets me money. It gets me my paycheck. It pays for my rent; I bought a car.

The things we can do from the comfort of our home are of tremendous proportions.

But we’re still educating our youth on how to fit in an outdated system of 9–5 work where there’s no space for individuality.

You can build your dreams from the ground up with your computer. You can practically learn whatever you want and change your world.

Don’t fit the mold of boring. Proudly break the mold and conquer.

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