It’s more than just customer support

Knowing your product and knowing how Twitter or Facebook work doesn’t mean you’re automatically good at customer support.

(This is just a quick rant after experiencing bad customer service today.)

Knowing your product and knowing how Twitter or Facebook work doesn’t mean you’re automatically good at customer support. It’s is much more than that. It’s about empathy and walking a mile (or even more) in your customer’s shoes. That requires not just good, but GREAT communication skills that many people still have yet to develop.

I’m inviting you to take a look at Buffer’s Twitter feed. Their customer support is one of the best I’ve encountered so far. Not only do they reply instantly, their happiness heroes are full of compassion and kindness.

And if they encounter a mad customer (which is perfectly normal from time to time), it’s the way those customers are treated that’s magical. Buffer’s replies are always nice, no matter how mad their customer might be. Why? Because kindness and empathy goes a long long way and they know it.

Getting on the same level as Buffer isn’t easy. It starts with acknowledging that not everyone is great at customer support. And if you’re not great at it yourself, you must hire the right people to do the job.

Buffer’s hiring process for their happiness heroes goes into great detail. They put you in different circumstances to get a sense of your communication abilities. For example — how would you deal with a happy customer and how would you react when dealing with an angry one. And let me tell you something — they pick only the best. That’s the secret recipe behind their success.

Being tech-savy doesn’t automatically make you a good communicator. Take a look at your customer support on Twitter. Compare it with Buffer’s. If you’re not able to take it to the next level, hire someone who can.

Customer support is so much more than just dealing with a few customers. It’s about your company’s overall image and the feeling you create when people interact with you. I’m always happy to interact with Buffer, I leave our conversations with a smiling face. Do your customers experience the same? If not, you need a change.

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