Career is a path each individual takes and walks through learning and work in life.

And during all my professional time, I did not meet many individuals who said that they are not searching for their personal and professional development on their career path. And a lot of satisfaction.

But one thing I have also noticed is that so many professionals out there hardly ever take the time to think about their past career choices. And further on, have no true career clarity on their future career goals and development plan. To reach their career growth and more satisfaction.


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Dealing with your job loss is ever hard, no matter the circumstances. When you are a part of a layoff, your bank account isn’t the only thing that takes the first hit. The emotional impact many times goes beyond financial stress. Our jobs are usually more than just the way we get the salary. After a job loss, you might be questioning your identity, grieving all that you have lost, and feeling anxious about what the future will bring.

Losing your job and being pushed into an imposed career transition is probably one of the most professionally and personally challenging…

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More than any other activity in a job hunt process, networking pulls individuals out of their comfort zone.

No matter if networking in person or online, it is in a way, a very natural process that we do all the time in both — our personal and professional lives. When reframing it, it is simply talking with people, exchanging information, giving value, and building relationships.

Nurturing your network is an ever-important activity, and each of us has to put in the effort and work. But networking as an activity in a job hunt times, taking into consideration that all the…

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Fear of the possibility for a job loss in the current times is for many individuals such a legitimate one to face.

And if you have lost your job already, grant yourself the right to process the situation. It is perfectly normal to mourn after the loss of your job. You don’t have to act that everything is fine. It is OK to get angry. It is OK to feel worried.

It is nothing wrong with being vulnerable. Take your time to feel what you feel. And then move on. …

How to actually set the practical actions, stick to them and finally, do what it takes for your successful career transition.

I am convinced that you can do almost anything for your successful career transition if you are willing to clarify your career goals and then make the investment to achieve them.

Making your career move, after figuring out what is your next career goal, is not complicated in terms of actions needed. But it is not easy as you need to invest your time and effort, and be willing to do the work.

Your clarity is the foundation for…

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We all want to unlock our potential, thrive, flourish, and make the best out of our careers and lives.

We all want to feel fulfilled, proud, and with a true sense of accomplishment while bringing our best out. Living our talents and strengths, using our unique and full abilities, aligned with our values and priorities of what matters most to us.

And we all want to make our contribution with our daily work, making our difference and impact, and improving our world and the world around us every day.

That is how I see what reaching full potential actually is.

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Being stuck in a career that doesn’t bring you fulfillment and some form of joy and doesn’t utilize your strengths and interests, can be draining. Career coaching can make a huge impact and difference in your career.

When it comes to getting in better shape, we easily think of hiring a personal gym trainer. If we go through really challenging times in our lives, hiring a therapist is a good way to move.

Then why we ever hardly think of hiring a career coach when we need help with our careers?

To help us reconnect with it. And to reposition…

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We all want to be successful and reach our career success. But what exactly is career success? What is the true definition of it? And how can we achieve it?

Oxford Dictionary defines success as ‘the fact that you have achieved something that you want and as the fact of becoming rich or of getting a high social position.’ My friend defines it as ‘the fact of not giving up when you fail.’ Who is right?

The only definition of career success that matters is the one that is yours. …

Career is a path each individual takes and walks through learning and work in life. And during all my professional time, I did not meet many people who said that for their career path, personal and professional development is not essential.

It is one of the human needs, and finally, what we all strive for is our flourishing.

More and more individuals are searching for work that combines personal meaning, continued income, and social impact. To live fulfilling and satisfying careers. But many of them have no idea where to start and how to get there.

There are so many…

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The previous two years have been one of the most powerful in learning for me, in a lot of surprising and unexpected ways. My breakdown moment turned into making a significant change in my career and life. A career change towards living more purposefully and fully.

But with this, I can’t stop thinking that there are also other types of shifts, maybe more subtle and less obvious, that can lead us to leap into career change just as profoundly.

Too many times, our growth comes out of learning from our breakdown moments. Or failures. …

Mojca Veselko

founder at MOVE & co-founder of Strengths Driven Career — career coaching for Career Excelleration driven by Strengths

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