Initial UFO Studies #1

Am I a Ufologist?

I am not a ufologist, but a kid who wants to become one. I have been studying UFOs in the past few months. I am nine years old, but I will turn ten soon.

So far, I’ve made at least 13 documents related to UFOs. I think UFOs are a scary, yet interesting thing to discover. There have been occasions where I thought I have seen a UFO, because during these occasions, I saw only lights and not the shape of the object.

UFO, or IFO?

A UFO is an unidentified flying object. An IFO is an identified flying object.

A UFO flies in zigzags rather than straight lines. It also leaves a trail while IFOs do the complete opposite. IFOs are shaped like something you would normally see in the sky, such as a plane or a jet. They fly in straight lines except when skywriting and may leave a trail as well, but it is leaving a trail of gas; Not light or any otherworldly energy that a UFO would leave a trail of.

UFO or UFO Mothership?

This is a UFO:

And this is a UFO MOTHERSHIP:

As you can see, UFOs and motherships are different. I will go over them in more detail in part 2 of this series.