The Heineken Ad Is Worse Than The Pepsi Ad, You’re Just Too Stupid To Know It
The DiDi Delgado

Thank you for getting me to stop and think about this ad. You are right that it trivializes the how bad some people’s views are, and it can be seen as giving both both perspectives equal value.

I saw something more. First, the person with the more progressive views was represented as more willing to engage in discussion. The guys (and it was all guys) with the more conservative views did show some signs of contrition and backing off their views in the end — admitting “but life isn’t black and white” (There is clear “right and wrong” but our view evolves to be clearer) and “smash the patriarchy” (only a bit tongue in cheek). I didn’t see any of the progressives compromise their opinion or values. I didn’t see anyone “tolerate their oppression.” I saw brave souls stay engaged.

I also am fairly certain this was scripted by writers and acted out. If it was real encounters by real people, I wonder how many (dozens?) of encounters were left on the cutting room floor (yes, I know it’s digital editing now).

So, this ad does not “fix” all the worlds problems — it’s a 4.5 minute ad for beer. It does point out (albeit in a trite way) the truth that we *must* dialogue. We must learn to see past our differences. We must engage in civil discourse with everyone. Just the fact that people stayed engaged is lesson enough. Hate will not overcome hate, only love will overcome hate. I will continue to follow your writing, DiDi, because you do share some wisdom that will expand my perspectives. May we all stay aware of any glossing over, as this ad did, and may we all stay engaged in the work to build justice in our world.

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