Donald Trump and the Christian Church
Ryan Basden

Generally a good piece I think and I agree with most of it.

But, it does beg an important question.

As I read the article, basically he is saying that God is sovereign so anything that happens in world affairs is His will and as it applies to leaders who take power, we should support them.


Kind of summarized in this statement:

“This is the chance for the church to empower you and support you as the leader of this country.”

So….. well…

there is a really obvious problem with that (yes, I’m going to cite the ultimate example):

What about Hitler? Or, any other dictator? Putin, the head of North Korea? The crazy nuts running Iran who say Israel should be destroyed?

I could think of any number of horrible people that (based on the reasoning of this article) God has put in authority. So …

Should the church also be “empowering and supporting” them?

The Church in those countries?

The Church here?

Why or why not?

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