Introducing Pearl Games!

Learn about the game and how to earn your AL spots.

4 min readMay 8, 2023

Updated July 6, 2023

A product of the Mojoverse

Pearl Games is a first-of-its-kind strategy game that will challenge NFT collectors like never before. For our inaugural season, 8k Genesis Pearls will be minted and quickly burned for resources & extraordinary species. Burn wisely.

2500: a world reborn after the apocalypse. Humans gone, animals rule. In the ruins of the old cities, a new order emerges. The discovery of these Pearls has sparked an arms race among the animals desperate to defend themselves. The stakes are high, and the competition is fierce. Who will emerge victorious in this battle for survival? Only time will tell.

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Pearls are your currency within the game. Holding just 1 pearl isn’t enough. Players will require at least 2 pearls to exchange for precious resources. Your decisions determine your fate and rewards. The more pearls you hold, the more resources you can acquire.

Pearl Games will consist of multiple seasons, each of which will last several weeks. Collecting is no longer a hobby, it’s a sport. Will you play and rise the leaderboards, or witness the action from the sidelines?

Mint Overview

Pearl Games start with 8,000 Genesis Pearl NFTs.

  • Mint Date: August 2023
  • Blockchain: Polygon
  • Phase 1 VIP Allowlist (Guaranteed WL) = 3 MATIC
  • Phase 2 Priority AL (Non-Guaranteed) = 6 MATIC
  • Public Mint (if necessary) = 6 MATIC

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Allowlist Quests

Pass a few simple quests to earn allowlist spots!

Quest #1 — Create Mojoverse Account
→ Required to unlock quests and earn rewards.

Quest #2 — Attend 2 MojoLive Events
→ Earn a Priority AL spot

Quest #3 — Attend 2 Twitter Spaces
→ Earn a Priority AL spot

Quest #4 — Hold a MojoHeads or MobyHeads NFT
→ Airdrop Rewards

Quest #5 — Take Personality Find Your Faction Quiz
→ Earn a Priority AL spot

Quest #6 — Play Pearl Games Poker
→ Earn a Priority AL spot

Quest Page:

MojoHead and MobyHead holders automatically be airdropped Genesis Pearls. 1 per MojoHead and 5 per MobyHead. Snapshot date TBD.

Our new quests platform!

Register on PREMINT

Earn additional VIP allowlist spots below. We wanted to give back to collectors of non-fungible art and community friends who have supported us through our journey. For each collection you hold (below) is a chance to mint a Pearl Games Genesis Token.

Signup to as many PREMINT raffles as you qualify for. If you’re lucky, you’re able to earn multiple AL spots!

General Public — 666 VIP Allowlist spots

50+ PREMINTs by project (must hold NFT):

Aversano, Quantum Key PREMINT
Aversano, Quantum Curated PREMINT
Amber Vittoria’s ArtworkPREMINT
Checks VV Original PREMINT
Checks VV EditionsPREMINT
Chibi GalaxyPREMINT
Creature WorldPREMINT
Drift, First Day Out PREMINT
Foundation PREMINT (shared contract only, NFT cannot be listed)
Free Editions X TylersjourneyPREMINT
Gutter ClonesPREMINT
Impact Theory Founder’s KeyPREMINT
KnownOrigin PREMINT
Lets Walk by Deekay MotionPREMINT
Life’s A JokePREMINT
MakersPlacePREMINT (shared contract only)
Max Pain and Frens by XCOPYPREMINT
The Memes by 6529PREMINT
oncyber labsPREMINT
POAP PREMINT (must be migrated to Ethereum blockchain)
Proceed w/CautionPREMINT
Rug Radio Genesis NFTPREMINT
Stoics by Gabe WeisPREMINT
SuperRare PREMINT (shared contract only)
Tokyo Punks by SabetPREMINT
TimePieces: Genesis DropPREMINT
Women & WeaponsPREMINT
World of WomenPREMINT
World of Women GalaxyPREMINT
VeeFriends PREMINT

PREMINT raffles created for collectors of listed projects. Most are not official endorsements or partnerships. All collections listed above are Ethereum-based collections. NFT must be in your wallet during raffle signup. PREMINT collabs and # spots are subject to change. Selected winners are final.