Which laptop to buy for University…

This is the time where students will be getting ready for University, once they have secured a place on the UCAS or going through clearing.

I get questions asked what laptop should I go for, honestly speaking going to University. You don’t really need one as the University provides this in their facilities.

I know you will prefer to have your own personal laptop, so this is what I will recommend. Go for a laptop that has Intel processors and at least 8GB of Ram and 250GB HDD. Go for a quality laptop, not those cheap ones. A good laptop will cost around the price of £600. A good laptop normally last a good five years, enough time to get you through University and beyond.

I personally go for Apple computers, I know its pricey but its well worth the cost and you can run office suite too. You can even run Windows operating system on it. With Apple computers you are limited to a few viruses thats why I use it, don’t get me wrong it is not virus free so you will need anti-virus.

Any laptops will do, as long its a good Intel processor, 8GB ram and 25oHDD. If you want to choose between a Windows or Apple computers please click this blog… Ever Wondered what you should get for yourself as a first computer a mac or pc

Sorry viewers, its been a while since I last blogged. I have been busy with things, not a valid excuse I know. Now I have added my blogs into my schedule and will publish once a week or a month.
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