Devil Music: A History of the Occult in Rock & Roll
George A T Case

I spent an embarrassing amount of time trying to discover the meaning of this word, only to have a friend point out to me that it was probably just a formatting error. I didn’t just stop at googling it, either, but rather became convinced that the internet has somehow erased its meaning, and therefor quizzed the people around me. After the dust settled and I was brought back to reason, it was suggested that the best course of action in response to this wasted investment would be to create our own definition, and then use this word liberally until it is adopted, essentially retconning the English language until my initial poor investment paid off. Here it is:
periodùthe: {adj} Seemingly low value and ill conceived phenomenon/idea/fad to which one reluctantly feels respect in that it made a big impression on a lot of people, or measurably redirected culture.
ex: “We went to the party but everyone was nonstop talking about that periodùthe show that just came out on Netflix.”
“The book pandered so completely to the zeitgeist of the era, it almost seems like it was written to be intentionally periodùthe.”