Innovator Feature: Kevin Huang

In this week’s Innovator Feature, powered by Moken Agency, we are talking to the problem solver and founder of Glüxkind, Kevin Huang.

Promising to enable all parents and their babies to explore and navigate the world safely and comfortably, Kevin has set out on a journey taking on the both the technology world and support new parents such as himself.

Read more in the interview below to learn about how Kevinn came to found Glüxkind and how he’s disrupting the AI technology scene for new parents.

Founder: Kevin Huang
Startup Name:
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Although baby fever has yet to hit Moken, when it does we’re sure that this product is going to be a hot ticket item around the office or during our daily team “walk & talks” when the team mini’s are in the office.

I had problems that needed solving.

The constant tug-a-war between diving really deep into a problem and swimming back out to see the bigger picture.


As new parents ourselves, we are building an AI-assisted smart stroller to empower parents and their precious little ones to explore the busy and distraction full world more safety and comfortably.

Seeing parent’s faces when they try out our autonomous “hover” mode when they can focus on their baby with both hands and just have the stroller maintain arms reach in front of them as they walk.

2020 June, in the midst of the global pandemic, GlüxKind was born.

Regulation and certification. We are making a leap of innovation on the baby stroller system, and thus comes challenges in terms of certification. We are addressing these issues by going above and beyond current international and domestic standards as well as engaging with regulatory bodies early on to address any foreseeable concerns.

More software engineers with control theory background, robotics engineers, embedded systems engineers, ML engineers with computer vision specialties! Branding expert!

We hope, the GlüxKind stroller system can help all parents and their babies navigate the world safety and comfortably. Especially those who have been underserved.

Knowing who’s advice to listen to. Part of this comes with experience, but it’s also part intuition. You as the founder should know your customers/users the best, and you have the most information relative to any advisors who could be giving you input, so it’s always up to you to decide on what to do with any given advice. It’s hard no matter when, as it’s often a hard choice vs a semi-equally hard choice but over time, it does get a tiny bit easier

You don’t need a plan B if you set out to solve problems people actually care about, if you build something people want.

How many meaningful problems have I solved or contributed to solving.

To continue building a world class company and to help more of our customers!

Global — parents live everywhere.

Sleep? We are new parents. 😂

Innovation means technology or processes that actually make a meaningful impact in our daily lives. For GlüxKind, we aim to reduce the number of serious stroller related injuries (enough to visit a ER) from ~17000/year USA to 0. We aim to provide a solution for differently abled parents to be able to leave the house with their little ones. We aim to help parents have an extra set of eyes and hands when they go out and about with our stroller.

Biked across Canada solo and fundraised over $4000 for MS Society of Canada.

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