Changing the Narrative
Jacqueline Novogratz


When we look at the poor not as people to fear or to fix, a world of opportunity opens. And the more we view low-income people with respect, as customers, the greater opportunity we have to learn about our own potential as well.


How we are perceived by others can deeply influence how we perceive ourselves. It doesn’t matter whether we are rich or poor. Yet often, we are much more judgmental of the poor — even the well intended charity organizations who come “to help.” What if, instead, we recognize the enormous human potential we all share?

※ ちなみによく狭義的に捉えられされやすい「貧困」という状態についての考え方はこのジャクリーンの投稿のコメント欄にあった彼の内容がおススメ。希望、尊厳、心の平穏を持つことのできない状態が続いている環境に置かれているということが「貧困状態にある」ということと同義という解釈。希望という単語が彼の記事には5回も使われている。


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