My first flight on a fixie

Flying. Every one dreams of flying high in the sky, like an Eagle or a humming bird perhaps. As humans we have built wonderful machines which allows us to fulfill the dream of flying and has shrunk the world.

I've always wondered what lay beyond the sunset.

That’s not enough. Have you asked a 5 year old if he wants to fly? He may tell you that he'll build wings, attach to his arms and jump of a cliff and dive! Well, we have done that too. Question to the reader is how often do you fly?

I fly everyday. I do. I fly from home to my college and back. As I see it, riding a bicycle is close to flying. My first bike was Montra Jazz R and I have ridden it for 3 years. It’s a hybrid with minimalistic design. I was unsure about not having a shock absorber and riding in indian roads. But after riding the Jazz, I don’t seem to like MTB’s anymore!

My Montra Jazz R

After moving to the Midwest region in the US, I had to wait for the spring to arrive to buy my second bike. I liked the Jazz. I wonderd if I should go ahead and buy a road bike. But they are expensive and too many moving parts. Then I get my answer — a Fixie!

A fixie is a whole new experience! Wheels are the only moving parts. Brakes are optional. Although I do retain the front brake which came pre-installed with the bike. I was not too happy with the riser bar and replaced with a drop bar on the second day itself. I haven’t put a bar tape yet, which I realized is very essential for grip and comfort. That’s the next change on the agenda.

6KU Nebula

So back to flying. I sit on my bike and slowly pedal my bike. Since it’s a fixie, I truly determine the speed of the bike (even while riding downhill, as my legs can’t stop). It is a wonderful experience! The flatness of Land of Lincoln makes riding a fixie irresistible.

As I ride along, I feel the silence of the bike. No parts shake and make noise in a bumpy road. I can hear the rubber tires touching the asphalt surface. I can hear the wind splitting and moving around the front wheel. I can feel the cold air numbing my ears. I ride on, fast. This is truly close to flying as one can get. Sitting in a airplane is not flying, as one can’t feel the air gliding next to them, one can't feel the wind on their face.

Go ahead, buy a fixie. Don’t be afraid, be determined. As you can Fly!