Five boroughs

November 3rd, 2013. I’m listening of Frank Sinatra’s famous “New York New York” with other 50000 people. There is 26.1 miles of running ahead through the five boroughs of one of the greatest cities in the world. Several months ago I couldn’t imagine that something similar would happen with me… But it did happen. And this day become one of the most memorable days in my life.

My story started 5 month earlier, in the end of May. I had read the post on Facebook from my colleague about his finishing half-marathon distance. I was shocked because I wasn’t expected it from him. So I immediately wrote to him and asked how he did this? He said that it’s better to meet and he would tell me everything, that I want to know. So we met and he told me that he went to running school, where he trained for only two month and was able to run half-marathon after that. There was a coach, group of beginners and the goal to run a distance on exact date. So it was a roadmap to success. The only thing I should do — go to this school and enroll in the next group.

To be honest, it was not the first time when I heard about marathon running. There was to events witch had an influence upon me, two seeds that were already in my mind. The first was a book “Iron Ambition: My Journey from Seat 2A to Ironman”. It is a story of a 50-years old man who was overweight, not sportsman like, who made an Ironman race from scratch after three years of training. Ironman is a triathlon race witch includes 2.4 miles swim, 140 miles bike ride and 26.1 miles run. All in one day, one sport after another without a rest. It was very inspiring story and I thought that one day it will be good to do the same thing. I was about 27 years old at that time, and I thought that when I will be 33, I should do it! But it was only thoughts, I have no plan, and I did nothing to start training. But the seed was in my mind.

Second seed was the post of my friend on Vkontakte, who wrote his story how he had finished Paris marathon. I was not expected from this guy that he even thinks about running, it was a great surprise for me.

So at that period of my life running, marathon and all this Ironman thing was new unexplored world for me. But know, when I met my colleague, I had a roadmap how I can do all this things.

So I went to the first meeting to this running school, they presented their program, which includes coach, group, training plan and a goal — run 10K in London. I was disappointed that it was only 10K run, I wanted half-marathon. But when I was sitting there and thinking, I realised that I have two ways. First — go to this group to London and run 10K, and second — wait for the next group and run half-marathon later. I tried to be honest with myself, and I felt that if I would choose second variant and wouldn’t start train right now, I may never start training, because it could always be a reasons not go to the next group. So I decided that it is my chance and I could not missed it.

So I enrolled in this group and started training. And two month later I had run my first official start it, it was amazing 10K in London. This guys invented success formula. Usually, when you try to change your life and go in for sports, it can be running, swimming, or even fitness training in gym, you decide to run every morning, or buy a membership in gym, and some weeks or months later, your realise that you run only one time a week, you forget where your membership card is, because you haven’t been to gym for several weeks.. Common situation?

But when you have exact date of your start, you have got visa, you have bought flight tickets, you know that you would fly there and run, so you have to train, and it does not matter if it is raining in the street, or you tied after work, or you should wake up early to run before work. This circumstances become insignificant to you.

to be continued…