Few Last Words To The Girl I Love

If I could point out one particular thing I like about you that would have to be the fact that you hardly ever get bored, despite being a calm and contemplative person, which is typical of someone who’s spare with words. For me, that is a great quality, you know? When you do speak up, you always say wise, sensible things, and never talk about light, frivolous subjects. 
And that’s also why you’re attitudes come across as well thought and firm. Sometimes, you seem a bit slow in going ahead with a project or idea, but you always carry on with confidence. That’s what really matters, because you ended striking me as someone who knows exactly what he’s doing. I like the kind of people who can control their impulses, although I’ve heard you can really lose it sometimes and you really crack up, don’t you? 
Because you’re always so calm, everything seems to be going well for you most of the time, but I’ve known you well enough to spot a problem, because you’re mind always drifts away, you’re face become cloudy, typical of a worried and concerned like a little girl. One thing that really gets to you is waste and extravagance, isn’t it? 
Akku, I want you to know that I care about you a lot and that’s why I want you to take good care of yourself and keep your health. Keep on eating, which is something you enjoy so much, and take it is on your food and drinking, both at home or in some nice restaurant. you know you can’t trust that throat of yours.

I could have never imagined when I met you that, underneath all that calm and sweet appearance, laid a hot, sensual and feminine woman like you. I’m not wrong when I say that I can recognize in you a down to earth and objective person, I sometimes envy your ability to keep your balance and a steady mind, but all that comes with a strong temper, capable of seducing, no matter where or when.
All about you is special, starting with your delicate manners, conveyed in your gestures and the way you look at things, that look that shines when standing before beauty and harmony, and gets excited before luxury and comfort, but still maintains an aura of patience to enjoy all the best there is in the world, as long as it’s all within the reach of your earthly conditions. You are calm enough to wait for the best things, and I just think that’s really great. 
I like the way you accept people just the way they are. I like the caring and friendly way you welcome them, basically i dont want to say this but, I love you because I can see your inner strength and sincerity. I love to feel your artistic sensibility and I don’t get upset with your tips about the way I should look or stay.
Akku just tell me, how could I fall in love for someone other than you, someone so aware of her steps, so gentle and companion, and who has the sweetest lips and strong head in the world!