An open letter to my ex’s current significant other

This is probably the most bizarre set of thoughts to be put down on my wall, but here goes:

One of the strangest non-relationships i have is with my ex’s current significant other. Sure it’s an awkward topic seeing as i crying at just the thought of my ex being with someone else, but these are things i all think about (as much as i may hate to admit it).

Why not just put it all out there and say what’s on all of your minds?

Let’s start with the single most common misconception in this non-relationship:

I do not hate you.

This is probably the hardest, but most honest thing I will say to you. I know it might be hard to believe, but more likely than not, I don’t even know you well enough to be able to hate you.

Granted, you are probably not one of my favorite people, I can’t say that I hate you. When I do convince myself I hate you, it’s only because it’s easier to blame you than to blame my X Yes, it’s stupid, and yes, it’s unfair, but you must let me have that one justification.

She don’t want me back.

You have someone that was once my; you’re filling shoes that I once filled, and I can’t ignore that. It is built into us, as humans, to feel a bit jealous and question the fairness of the situation.

But at the same time, there is a reason that my ex is my ex and I am no longer a part of her life. I am well aware of this, and you should be, too.

Relationships with exes are hard enough as it is. Please don’t make it even harder.

I get that you want little to nothing to do with me and would love for your partner to want the same thing. That whole romantic dynamic is between the two of you, as it should be.

However, don’t make me out to be a monster because odds are, you know very little of what happened, and it would be best to keep it that way.

I am the past. Why not leave it that way and just enjoy being part of the present?

I don’t wish you ill.

Does it suck that you found happiness in a way and with a person that I couldn’t? Well, obviously.

But honestly, I know that I gave it my best shot; I tried to make it work. It clearly didn’t work out for whatever reason, and I learned my lessons.

So if I couldn’t make it work, it would be stupid and immature to wish you the same fate. If you can make it work and be happy, then really, who I am to wish you ill?

At the end of the day,my relationship will always be odd, and that’s just part of life. However, if I know what’s on each other’s minds, it’s just a little bit easier to make our way through the weirdness.