Benefits of Investing in GIA Certified Diamonds as Future Financial Assets

Since the 1930s, The Gemological Association of America is recognized as one of the foremost authorities in the world who certify and grade precious stones and train professionals in various branches of the jewellery industry.

Among the most recognized authorities for Certified Diamond Manufacturers in the world; GIA certificates are recognized across the globe for all kinds of precious stones.

Before you invest in any GIA Certified Diamonds (or any precious stones bearing certification); it is important to understand how diamonds in particular will become lifelong assets, and are an ‘Investment’ — not just another expenditure!

Here are some of the benefits of investing in precious stones from a Certified Diamond Manufacturer -

(a) Gold, Jewellery, and Diamonds:

GIA Certified Diamonds, or other precious stones graded and certified by an international body is always recognized for their value. While Gold, Silver, and other precious metals have a fluctuating price pattern according to the progress of the economy; diamonds and precious stones have a more ‘Stable’ valuation system.

While the price of your jewellery set may fall or rise according to the current rate of precious metals; the value of the embedded precious stones are more or less ‘Permanent’. This also goes for loose stones you may buy from a Certified Diamond Manufacturer. Consumer trends show that while the value of precious metals and other gemstones depend on retail prices; Diamonds always have a better asset value and minimal depreciation over time.

(b) Diamonds are Truly “Forever”

While this is a common proverb, there is much scientific fact behind the saying “Diamonds Are Forever”. It is EXTREMELY difficult for diamonds to get damaged, or get corroded / naturally discolored. If you choose to invest in something like GIA Certified Diamonds, be sure that your asset will not depreciate in value if left in you safe / locker.

If you do not invest wisely like buying the right product from a Certified Diamond Manufacturer, you may have problems re-selling them on a later date! Only a handful of merchants will “Buy-Back” diamonds or other precious stones; so choose a company who will guarantee the future value of your asset as an ‘Investment’ and not just a ‘One Time’ purchase.