Best Tiger Reserves in India

India has a rich cultural history and to add to it, it also has a history of having the most exquisite flora and fauna in the world. Tigers form an extremely important part of the Indian fauna and that is one reason why the national parks and tiger reserves are still very famous and have a large crowd of visitors every year. One of the most famous reserves in India is the Bandhavgarh National park, situated in the Madhya Pradesh state. It is believed that the highest number of tiger sightings is found in the national park of Bandhavgarh, which is one reason why the resorts in Bandhavgarh find a great number of visitors in the holiday seasons. With companies such as Indian Adventures, providing lodging and stay options, the visitors to the Bandhavgarh do not find a dearth of good stay alternatives.

Other places to spot tigers in India include names such as the Ranthambore National park where one may be able to take some amazing pictures of the tigers in their natural surroundings. This national park is located in the Rajasthan state and served as an ancient hunting ground for the kings and princes. Kanha National Park is another national park situated in Madhya Pradesh which serves as one of the best reserves to spot some tigers. One may be able to get an extremely convenient tiger watching trip by planning a combined trip for Bandhavgarh and Kanha by booking hotels at Bandhavgarh national park from Indian Adventures and Kanha National Park. Another place where we would able to see the beauty and grace of real tigers is the Jim Corbett National Park, located close to the Himalayas, the national park is one of the oldest and serves as a major attraction for those who have a love for the animal. Finally, a trip to the Satpura National park may be able to satisfy the thirst for tiger watching. The national park is located in Madhya Pradesh near Bhopal and people find particular interest in the place due to its offering of taking the trip on foot.

India’s fauna diversity has brought it among the top runners of the world in national parks and sanctuaries, however, when it comes to tigers, the country holds the highest population of existing tigers and attracts thousands of visitors from around the world to witness the grandeur of the animal.

When you decide to take a trip to the most coveted Bandhavgarh national Park in Madhya Pradesh, make sure you ensure a comfortable stay with the Indian Adventures team.