How Air Curtains are Effective for Fly Control?

The first air curtain was created in 1904 in USA with the patent rights already being there. It was till the next 12 years when the first installation air curtains took place. And today across India air curtains are used in restaurants, pubs, supermarkets etc.

Air curtains are invisible barriers which are created by the ventilation equipment, usually installed over the business door. With the installation of this equipment the air travels towards the downward side which results in temperature loss outwards. Apart from temperature losses, the main use of air curtains is to keep out insects, dust particles or any other particles that would be at the premises.

Air curtains are used more on open doors in health and food preparation facilities to avoid any insects or flies to make their way. There is a constant barrier of air across the building which will prevent the bugs and flies to enter. This is more used in bars, restaurants, food manufacturing companies and food service premises where strict environmental regulations are applied. The other benefit of having an air curtain is that it is used for controlling the climate control and for that the units are also installed. This means that the air curtain can be mounted on the indoor or outdoor doorways. Take the example of a building where there is too much smell, if the air curtains are mounted towards the outside doorways then the odorless air which is created will become a barrier to these flies.

Apart from flying insects, there are rodents which are prevented from entering the premises. There has been a research which states that mice, rats and ferry vermin do not like it when air curtains create feeling on their fur and they will escape from there.

The air curtain prices depend on the specification which is required by the customer. There are two types of air curtains

Recirculating air curtains

These are used at places where there is lot of durable items which need to be sold quickly. Supermarkets prefer the installation of curtains at the entrance itself and that is due to the circulation which happens.

Non recirculating air curtains

These are the most commonly used air curtains as these air curtains price in India are very low and affordable along with low maintenance.