Important Assessment Tips When Selecting Diamond Quality and Pricing

The first thing to understand about the pricing of polished diamonds is to ensure that you are buying gemstones cut and graded by a reliable manufacturer.

Retail jewellers may be selling diamonds set in a variety of designs; but any round ‘Brilliant’ cut diamond has to be polished and graded by a certified Diamond Cutter before pricing.

Here are some important pricing assessment tips for any person buying diamond jewellery or loose polished diamonds for commercial purposes-

#1: Stone Weight — Stone weight depends on the cutting, and is the primary factor to determine the price of a diamond. A 1 Carat Round Brilliant Cut Diamond is about 200 mg, and is about 6 mm in diameter. However, a 2 Carat Round stone is not 12; but about 8 mm — the stone weight is however, exactly about 400 mg!

#2: Certification — While there are various certification schools like the GIA and ISI; a large volume of polished diamonds are processed in Surat in Gujarat, India. This is why even in the international market, stones certified in India are better received. Make sure that your stones are properly certified to be in their price category.

#3: Valuation — The value of your diamond depends on a number of factors, but the GIA standards of the 4 ‘C’s is most recognized by global standards. This is a pricing standard based on Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat (weight). 1 Carat ‘Round’ Brilliant Cut diamond is NOT NECESSARILY half the price of a similar polished stone weighing 2 Carats!

#4: Retail Jewellery — When you’re buying jewellery in the retail market; make sure that the stones are certified by the right authority in diamond grading. You may be buying a stone cut by any certified diamond cutter, but the value of stone has to be properly graded and certified.

#5: Pricing by Shape of Cut — Remember that apart from the common ‘Round’ Brilliant Cut diamonds used in jewellery, ‘Pear’ or ‘Square’ stones are valued and priced in different ways. Research about how this pricing factor works before making any final choices for purchase!

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