Why Botrytis Mold is Not Just Buds Rotting

Botrtyis Mold is often called “bud rot” in the cannabis community, but this label does the viral fungal disease no justice. Botrtyis cineria is much more problematic than just buds rotting.

Botrytis cinerea

What is gray mold in cannabis buds?

Gray, fluffy, sometimes white and dark purple mold in cannabis buds are all different stages of the fungi Botrytis cinerea(Ancient Greek for grape disease) This mold commonly grows on a variety of organic matter including grapes, citrus, and other sugary delights including cannabis buds.

Moldy bud

How do you deal with moldy buds?

Once cannabis flowers are infected with botrytis mold, here’s what to do with a plant when you want the rest to finish:

What are rotting buds?

Rotting is plant material that dies, turns brown and rots. This happens all the time on seeded female plants. As seeds develop into maturity, the seed pots die naturally and decompose on the plant as it continues it’s growth.

Tropical Sativa strains

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