Anything’s possible — with Gatorade Rain.

First of all, quick refresher for those who aren’t familiar with Kevin Garnett. Anything’s possible with Kevin Garnett in a commercial.

Wow, does this grab the viewers eye. First a small basketball pulsating to the rhythm of a beating heart as it grows bigger and bigger and bigger until a human is recognizable. That man … NBA player, Kevin freakin’ Garnett.

Only one man can possibly turn a horrible watered-down version of gatorade into possibly the most beastly of any commercial to air on television. Let’s not forget the absolute downpour of rain coming down in sheets on what appears to be an urban basketball court with chain nets and cracked pavement as courts. The storm rolls in real fast — probably in two or three seconds maximum.

Aggression is an understatement for this ad as it fulfills the emotional advertising appeal, need to aggress. As a muscular Garnett ferociously rips his way out of an elastic basketball, beads of rain come tumbling down by the thousands. The basketball rips into six different flaps as a silhouette of a tall, lanky, yet jacked out of his mind bald-headed Garnett stands an impressive 6 foot 11 inches off of the egg-like basketball.

Hatching from the center court circle and all of a sudden … Boom. Gulping down an extra large size bottle of purple, no … faintly purple water with a hint of gatorade taste is Garnett.

First thing to pop into the mind of the viewer as this basketball grows larger and larger as it has dug its roots into the concrete of the center court — what on Earth is happening?

The white elastic rubber, between the Spalding leather dots and the inside black rubber that seems to be less elastic, rips to shreds. A head-ducking Garnett slowly but surely stands tall as he has taken out his aggression and achieved what feels like a baby chick hatching from its egg — except way more cool.

Makes you think …

  1. Does Gatorade Rain really taste so good to the point where I can rip a basketball to shreds?
  2. (For anyone who has tasted Gatorade Rain) Does Garnett even like the taste?
  3. With aggression and achievement displayed in this ad due to Gatorade Rain, if I were to drink this form of water, what will I achieve next?
  4. Would anyone buy this drink twice after tasting it because of such a cool ad?

Wrapping this up, what is up with the sketchy-deep voiceover by what sounds like a bass-singer with a cold? Is that supposed to show how tough and aggressive the ad is or just there to creep you out? The ad already seems tough and aggressive enough as the camera showing the silhouette of Garnett is placed on the ground looking up towards him.

What else can fulfill the need to achieve and aggress more? Nothing … Probably nothing.

P.S. There’s a reason Gatorade rain didn’t even last a year on shelves. No matter how cool an ad, a drink that tastes as bad as this one did, will ultimately fail.

R.I.P. Gatorade Rain.