Transportation is a must for our overall success!

Photo taken by Nadim Mollah at 11:02 AM on March 25, 2022

This week has been one of the most deteriorating of all. The biggest accomplishment for our team at this point is moving on even through all the setbacks. We have met our standard goal for gas money and other expenditures and that is another important step for our team. We have gathered money from all possible sources and it is about time that we divide it. Fortunately for us, nothing has gone wrong because we have been working together as a team and staying in touch with each other. The timeline needs some adjusting because we did not discuss regarding that yet. No challenges were in our way as we learned to endure them from the past weeks' experiences. Our next action is to purchase gloves and trash bags and get ready for the beach cleanup. We hope to also make more time and discuss with our team for future events.




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Nadim Mollah

Nadim Mollah

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