CNA #5

An Australian Chicken Restaurant Has a Live Chicken Running Its Twitter

For the last week, an Australian chicken has been given access to Chicken Treat’s twitter page by placing a keyboard in its’ coupe. The restaurant has stated that they will allow the chicken to continue tweeting meaningless jargon until it types one real English word. This will not only break a Guinness World Record but act as a great marketing stunt.

Man Gets DUI Charge On Motorized Wheelchair

A man in Conyers, Georgia was charged with a DUI while on a motorized wheelchair in a local shopping mart. According to reports, the man was found in the back of the building driving over confusedly driving over plants. The man told officers he had not only taken Valium but also had drank a pint of beer.

Police: Burglary suspect found covered in cake, frosting

Police in Michigan say it wasn’t very hard to find the burglar that broke into a local home on Oct. 21. The burglar broke into the home and knocked over several items, including a tray of cupcakes. The police later found the suspect blocks away, “covered in icing and highly intoxicating.”