Veteran’s Day

Mollie Lyon
Nov 13, 2019 · 3 min read
Photo by Specna Arms on Unsplash

My post from November 11, 2011 honoring the veterans in my family:

Last evening we had the excitement of welcoming home my nephew from his year of Army service in Iraq. His daughter made a gold with black lettering poster for him- they are Steelers fans. A group of twelve stood in the baggage claim area of American Airlines to surprise the veteran. Soon we saw his head tall above the crowd as he strode down the hall. He noticed us with a faint smile.

A couple of the men who served under him waved good-bye to “Sarge.” David commented, “Sarge means like you were born a sarge, not someone you held in your arms as a baby.” His way of saying he is proud of his nephew. We are proud of Scott.

Today is Veteran’s Day and as always there is the controversy of the “war” verses supporting our troops. I grew up with the Vietnam War and my husband served in the Cold War, speaking of unpopular wars.

I am proud of our country now honoring our Veterans. They clap at parades when the men and women who have served march by the crowd. Bumper stickers, signs and postings on Facebook about the sacrifices made not only by the service people, but by their families, raise awareness.

They fight and have always fought not only for our freedoms, but the bigger Freedom. It is a desire inbred in Americans to support freedom. We are blessed to experience it here in America. The founding of our country is unique, that no other country in the world up to that time in the 1700’s had ever tried it. Yes, some of it is flawed, but we need to catch hold of the vision that ideas, religion, class structure were not to be forced on a people. Individual advancement would be in the people’s hands.

Most could not even explain this. I can’t really, but our country stands for Freedom of all. It is for that our soldiers and sailors fight.

Some times the enemy is very real. England in our early years, Germany and Japan in wars past. I just talked to a WWII veteran and he was proud to have killed a “Jap.” Communism and now terrorism don’t have a nation per say behind these strangling ideas. They limit freedom. The devil does not like freedom and we are always in a battle for people to chose.

I want to thank my relatives who believed in Freedom over the years by fighting and serving their country for the greater good:

Gerald T. Lewis-North Africa, Italy

Lyle O. Lyon, New Guinea and the Philippines

Their brothers, David Lewis, France, Clark Lyon, instructor, Leon Lyon, England. All in World War II

My mother’s brothers, Bill Evans, 27 years in the Army, three wars, Ed Evans, Korean Conflict.

My brother, Dan Lewis-Vietnam, and willing to go to Iraq when he was in his fifties, but health prevented him- the War on Terrorism.

My husband, David Lyon- leaving his family for months at a time during the Cold War, on a submarine.

My brothers-in-law, Herman Galicia, Paul Lyon. Vietnam and beyond in active duty, reserves or Guard.

My nephew, Scott Lyon- Kosovo, Kuiate, Iraq

A nephew-in-law, Matt Hollowell, instructing at West Point

And now, Scott’s son will be deployed in the spring.

Sorry if I got anything wrong.

Thank you to all who love what our country offers enough to fight for others to have it. Thank you.

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