Can you have a mental illness and be in a relationship? Can you have insecurities and still be a good friend?

I saw a tweet the other day that irritated me. It said “You can’t love somebody until you love yourself.” Someone ‘clapped back’ and said, “I can have a mental illness and still be a good friend.” That got me thinking. A few years ago, I might have agreed with the first tweet. I might have said, “Yeah, if you don’t love yourself then how can you love somebody else?” I can definitely see that view. It is important to be secure with who you are as a person. But just because someone is working on themselves, does that mean their value as a friend or girlfriend or sister lowers?

Should someone who has insecurities about their body not be in a relationship? Should they not offer support to a friend? Just because someone is fighting a battle and isn’t exactly where they want to be, does that mean they aren’t worthy of having sufficient relationships? I don’t think so. I think that as long as you are working on your issues and perhaps your friend or partner is there to support you, what’s the problem? Unless, of course, that relationship is backtracking you in your progress or fueling your mental illness. But otherwise, people are allowed to have inner battles that they struggle with and can still be valuable in relationships.

I personally have two anxiety disorders that affect me and the way I feel. However, I hold strong relationships with my friends, family, boyfriend, and peers. I don’t think that just because I struggle with anxiety, I should not be allowed to give my love to others.

What do you think?