Molluscum Contagiosum — Symptoms of the Disease

Molluscum contagiosum is a virus that causes skin diseases in human. They form lesions on the skin. Though they may look like any other simple lesion, they vary in most ways. These lesions disappear within two weeks’ time. They can be left untreated. They disappear on their own. Here are some of the symptoms that may help you to understand whether you have any such disease. Take a read of them.

Symptoms of the Disease Caused By the Virus Molluscum Contagiosum

When a child comes in contact of the virus molluscum contagiosum, it may not show any symptoms for six weeks. The incubation period is up to seven weeks. The bumps or the lesions may appear in the groups or isolated patch. The count may be around twenty. Read further about the symptoms of the infection.

The bumps or lesion that appears on your skin may be a bit shiny. They have a smooth appearance.

The color of such bumps or lesions may vary. They may be flesh-colored or white. They may even be pink in color.

The bumps would be very firm in nature. They are dome shaped. You may find a dimple in the middle of the lesion.

The bumps or the lesions are found to be filled in with waxy materials in the center.

Their size varies greatly. They are two to five millimeter in diameter. At times it may even get bigger in size.

The lesions or bumps may be present anywhere on your body. It may affect your face, abdomen area, and even the torso.

Their presence is not found on the palms of hands and feet.

An individual with comparatively weaker immunity may have more of vigorous symptoms of their body. The lesions or the bumps may have a diameter of15 millimeters. They would then be more frequent in the facial area of the person. The disease caused by the molluscum contagiosum virus is contagious in nature. They may be transferred from person to person very easily. Therefore, one must take some safety measures once they get infected with the disease. Read about some of the safety measures that must be followed.

The Safety Measures

Separate all the accessories used by the patient. It should include the towels, clothes or any other equipment the patient would use. Those accessories should be washed properly and boiled well.

Separate the room of the patient. The patient should have a separate room of his or her own. It is better to avoidstaying in a single room. The virus survives on the surface which comes in contact with the lesions. Then it may transfer on the body which will come in contact with the surface.

The utensils used by the patient should be washed and sterilized properly. This would help in removing or killing the virus present on them.

Abide by these safety measures as soon as you get to know that you or any of your family members is affected by the disease.

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