Scott Dikker’s Talk

Before the talk, do some research on Scott Dikkers. What is one surprising fact you learned about him? Does this help you provide context for his talk?

I learned that Scott Dikkers had also produced films along with his writing. It gave me some context for his talk because I realized how accomplished and creative he is. Along with being a comedian, writer and editor, he is a producer.

Pay attention to the scene as Scott talks during his lecture. What do you notice? Take a photo and include it in your post as well.

I noticed that Scott stood in the center of the stage where he could be seen by the large audience. Unlike Dean Kimo Ah Yun, Scott did not stand at the podium but rather put himself in eyesight.

Write down something Scott says and fact check it. Is he right? Wrong? Somewhere in between?

Scott mentioned people of authority trying to sue him out of existance. After googling it, I found that there are many links explaining that time Donald Trump tried to sue him.

Summarize in a paragraph the point of the talk.

Scott talked about the origin of his comic strip and satirical newpaper. I think one thing that came across in his talk was that you have to start somewhere. He said that “The Onion” was started in a dorm room. As students, it is nice to hear that you do not need money or fancy resources but rather a good idea and determination. He also emphasized the importance of staying true to sources and not taking for granted when people are willing to share their stories with you because you could get into a lot of trouble. (i.e. the butcher shop)

Now write a headline that summarizes the talk.

Scott Dikkers: From dorm room to national news website

At the end of his talk, find someone at the event that you don’t already know and ask them what stood out to them the most. Include their full name and major or profession.

I asked a peer named Katie Calvert who is majoring in Public Relations and she said that his ability to use humor in hards situations stood out to her the most. When the man asked about the issue following September 11th, it was good to hear that he was able to make people laugh again.

What did this teach you about media writing?

This talk taught me that media writing does not have to be serious to get a serious point across to an audience.

What was most useful to you about this experience?

I think that this experience was beneficial to moving my comprehensiveness of ethics in media writing forward.

Anything else to add?

I am glad that we got to see that talk, it was interesting and entertaining to hear.