You got to produce a high-quality email quickly.

What do you do?

Keep the basics in mind and avoid the most common mistakes.

If You Have 10 Minutes, Spend 9 Writing the Subject Line

Maybe this will be considered blasphemous, but here’s an important tip: don’t sweat over the body copy.

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It’s not that the body copy doesn’t matter, but if someone doesn’t open the email then it doesn’t matter what your body copy is.

The subject line is so important I’m going to spend a majority of the article talking about it.

Avoid Spammy Words In Your Subject Line

Don’t waste your time crafty something that won’t get past the spam filters.

Hubspot created a whole post about spam triggger words divided up by industry. Check your industry to ensure you’re not using any of those words. …

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In the summer of 2016, I started volunteering at my local LGBT center. My initial awkwardness evaporated into fascination when I found they had their own library. Over 3,000 books worth of queer-focused literature. They were just waiting on an effort to organize it into a lending library.

The start of this project involved staring at a big unorganized mess and despite having no idea how to start, I agreed to lead the whole project.

Why? Because it interested me. It had nothing to do with my qualifications. I was interested, I was there, and I was willing.

The idea of a completely queer-focused library for my community intrigued me. Everyone could explore the classics of gay literature that documented the AIDS crisis or the first books that introduced non-binary gender identity to the world. Or they could explore 1950s trashy romance or paint-by-number mysteries. Every part of queer life from the tragic to the trivial, from the comical to the profound could be examined. …

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Photo by Jiroe on Unsplash

Queer subtext seems archaic in a time where there’s more representation of proud queer characters than in any other time in American popular culture. It’s out of style. Many find it offensive.

Queer subtext is neither a strictly positive or negative term, but it has a controversial history. A history of films shrouding same sex desire in the shadows. Queer-coded characters depicted exclusively as villains who had to meet their demise to pay for their immoral lifestyle. There was no hope for a queer-coded character to have a happy ending. …

Black Mirror’s “Hang the DJ” both subverts and conforms to the convention of a romantic drama. Two lovers feel passionately towards one another but are thwarted by a system that won’t let them be together which only intensifies their belief they belong together. But it turns out, this was exactly how the system wanted them to react. The characters of Amy and Frank are revealed as digital copies trapped in a dating app that tests whether they will rebel against the app (known as the System) to determine the romantic compatibility of the real-life Amy and Frank. …

One half of the room was perfectly organized. Two white, floor-to-ceiling shelves were lined with books all labeled and alphabetized. On the other half of the room, there were books piled up haphazardly on shelves and on the floor. In fact, there were so many books that the library couldn’t house them all. Many were lying in boxes and stuck on shelves in the conference room. One third of my job had already been done for me, but now it was my job to organize the rest into a functioning lending library.

Since April of 2017, I’ve been leading the effort to organize the queer-centered library at my local LGBT center. Other volunteers and I have been working hard to add almost 3,000 books into a database, sort them by genre, label them and shelve them properly. I was also tasked to determine the project’s mission statement and to connect with other local organizations to promote the library. At times, it has been exhausting, frustrating, and hilarious. Not only have I been able to give back to my community but taking on this project has also give me insight into the type of career I wish to have. As a confused college graduate, this project has been invaluable to my life. …


Molly McKinney

Being alive is weird and all the other things I’m interested in (storytelling, LGBTQ issues, activism, etc)

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