Cleaning for the Soul

While my dorm may not look like it just yet, cleaning is one of my favorite ways to spend my free time.

But, it isn’t just a way to fill in the gaps in my day not spent eating, sleeping, or going to class. It helps me clear my head. Clutter adds distracting background noise to my life — and I can’t function with it playing constantly. Cleaning and organizing my spaces give me a chance to both feel accomplished (because I’ve started and completed a task) and relaxed (it lets me get out of my head for a little while and distract myself).

Playing Top 40 pop, electronic, or just any pump-up music while cleaning makes it fun, too.

Organizing puts in order not just what’s clogging up my space but also my life. As I work, I can sort through everything going on in my head. It helps me make room in my brain I can then fill with plans for the week ahead.

And, when I’m done, sitting on a freshly made bed in a room with a clean floor helps me feel refreshed. It’s the best way I can be productive while also giving myself a much needed break. When my room is clean, I can concentrate better on my work, and I feel more at ease. It’s the perfect solution to any problem.

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