The depths of you and me

The emptiness fills me, then retreats
Like tides to the ocean

My heart hidden in the depths of the sea
Being pulled and manipulated by you,
My moon

I drown as the tide rises up and fills my ribs
I can’t breathe

Then I am calm as emptiness fades out with the tide
Numbness, relief

But still I am haunted
You are always there, even when no one can see or feel you
But I can sense you

Disguised by the sun
You are never truly gone

I wait for the tide to rise again,
I brace myself for your rough sea

The waves begin to crash,
My shores are weak and I crumble in pain

Pieces for you to claim
Again and again, you hurt me

As the moon to my tides, you control my heart in the depths of your sea
Cruelty, please just set me free

But at night, you are all I see
I want you
But I cannot keep you

My heart breaks, and I drown all over again.
The loneliness carries on strong

My heart deep in the sea dreaming of you
Of you and me.