As a team member, you can’t just saunter in to the boss’ office and ask for $500k for your first AR project because you played Pokemon Go once and think it’s cool. …

How to stop using pronouns that feed unconscious bias.

Hooray! You’ve done it! You’ve read the McKinsey diversity report and managed to hire a diverse team that is destined to create more value for your company and users. Your HR team has sensitivity trained everyone, so hopefully you won’t get sued. You’ve spent considerable resources on user research and…

SAT analogy question: Side-scroller games are to modern apps as open world games are to _____?

Product teams, I’ve got bad news: We’re in a rut. For the last decade, we have designed apps (and websites) in the same tightly controlled way: prioritized interaction flows for an ever growing amount…

Molly Davis

Strategist, Designer, Monster Lover. Formerly Intuit, Twitter, LG, Palm.

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