Lulah Mae Beables Brennan


Lulah in Star Lake, WI, August 2021

(Brennan) Lulah Mae Beables (FKA “Annabelle”) A long-time resident of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and previously Baltimore, Maryland, entered eternal life on November 13, 2021. She was preceded in death by her beloved Grandma DorDor (2019) of Mequon, WI, her cat siblings Plinko Jean Rabinowitz (2015), GrisGris Monique Sarkozy (2016), dog cousins Rasta (2018), Sadie (2019), Sammy (2019), and Jackson (2020) and is survived by her loving and heartbroken mother, Molly Brennan, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Lulah was also known as Lu, Lulee, Julie, LulaBazoola, LucyGoo, Girlfriend, Baby Girlfriend, Little Sister, Jelly Eye, Slippery Eye, Shiela, Sweet Angel, Sweetpea, My Angel Sent Directly from Heaven, Scootie, Old Lady, Sweet Sweetie, Snappers, Killer Attack Beagle, the Flying Sausage, the Duchess and her Mom’s North Star.

Lulah was found in a construction site in Laurel, Maryland in July of 2009. Her age was estimated at 2 or 3 years old. It appeared as if she had just had puppies, although none were found nearby. On her intake paperwork, the veterinarian stated “stomach very full of food…alert, responsive, hydrated, not terribly bright.” That last descriptor stung and Lulah set out to prove that vet wrong. The day her Mom met her, Lulah, then “Annabelle,” ran over to her, sat in her lap, looked up at her, and peed. That was all it took. (cue The Look of Love by Dusty Springfield)

Molly brought this 17 pound, stinky, patchy-furred, double cherry-eyed, velvet-eared beagle home to Baltimore with her soon after her spaying surgery. Lulah quickly made herself at home on Darby Street, raising the eyebrows of neighbors (“WHAT did you bring home to live with you?”), hanging out on the porch, the backyard, the alley, and neighbors’ and friends’ yards. The following years were filled with dog friends, even being a companion to a handful of foster dogs her Mom welcomed into the house and helped get adopted. Lulah traveled with her Mom to Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Nashville, Pittsburgh, Ohio, Indiana, Chicago, Marquette, Michigan, and many places in Wisconsin — her favorite spot being Star Lake, Wisconsin.

In 2015, Lulah and her Mom moved to Mequon, WI to live with her Grandma DorDor. Lu was rarely by herself the year she lived at Corey Lane as Gma DorDor was the ultimate ever-present dog sitter. There were constant visits from various caregivers, Dave the Mailman (who always brought Lu snacks), Wayne from Ye Olde Pharmacy (Ye Olde Wayne), the “Orkin guy,” drivers from Grandma’s “party bus,” Grandma’s lunch friends, and lots and lots of family. Living at Corey Lane was like living at a lush dog park with lots of smells to smell, lots of grass to roll around in, a warm driveway to sunbathe on, and turkeys and bunnies to not chase (except that one time in the Spring of 2016 — “The Baby Bunny Incident”). Gma always saved Lulah the last bites of her meals, let her lick the plate before going in the dishwasher, and gave her the bottom of her nightly ice cream cone. There was always deli ham in the fridge earmarked for her. The year at Corey Lane was Lulah’s “rumspringa.” No leashes, no laws, and a 24-hour ham dispensary.

In 2016, Lulah became, again, a city dog residing in the Washington Heights neighborhood of Milwaukee. Thankfully, she was only blocks from her dog cousins Rasta (rip), Sammy (rip), Jimmy, and Gatsby. Lulah adopted the moniker, “Killer Attack Dog’’ by her human landlord, obviously tongue in cheek. Her “killer attack sense” didn’t alert her humans, however, when someone jimmy-jammed the locked garage door open in the wee hours of the morning (bedroom window mere feet away) and tossed her Mom’s car. However, Lulah alerted the household when the mailman, FedEx driver, UPS truck, or Amazon truck delivered goods midday.

Lulah didn’t meet a light pole, fire hydrant, soggy abandoned couch/chair/discarded piece of furniture, bush, tree stump, trashcan, municipal planter, a pile of trash, the corner outside of O’Brien’s bar, a pile of goose poop, etc that she didn’t like. Her super sniffy hound senses magically found chicken bones, pizza crusts, hotdog buns, chicken tenders, bread, sauce packets, and half-eaten pork chops. All of which her Mom had to wrangle out of her mouth — an art her Mom hopes to include on her resume someday.

In lieu of flowers, please give the dogs in your life extra treats (ham preferred), pet them extra, hug them extra, let them up in your bed or on your couch, and toast sweet Lulah over your Sunday hot ham and rolls. Go slower on your dog walk and let your pup sniff all the sniffs (PeeMail), give a bunch of money to your local rescue, consider fostering, adopt an abandoned dog, adopt an old dog, or dogs that need the most help and care. If that’s not your jam, dawdle on your daily walk, stop and smell the proverbial roses, the bushes, and the soggy abandoned furniture.

Private gathering and interment this summer in Star Lake, Wisconsin.



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Molly Brennan

Artist |Teacher | Aunt to 13 | Great Aunt to 1 | Sister to 7 | Daughter of 2 | Dog Mom to Lulah. Milwaukee, WI