The Plot Thickens in the Gnarly Story of IQ and Genetics
Stephanie Pappas

Genetics is a crap shoot. We cultivate genius because those are the minds we need to survive asteroid hits, among other things. The rarity of these minds is why we counter-intuitively overshoot population growth. We’re not in charge, but in the employ of the Web, and we are its cutting edge, if cutting through the gravitational hold of the planet is the issue. Because the further mission of humanity is to take it all to another planet, we are miniaturizing it and making it safe to travel any distance. That’s the large and small of it. What the Web has achieved without our intervention is holier than thou, or me, and our job is to preserve it. We’re the saviors here. That’s why we behave so oddly. We have no more idea of our purpose than the earthworms do of theirs, and yet we carry on!

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