Ho Hum…

When I’m not employed, I seem to have the television turned on a lot of the time, not even because I’m really watching, more for noise/company because the cat sleeps WAY too many hours of the day to truly be company unless he feels like it. It sort of fills in for being around people when working. As usual, in the evening, I don’t tend to have the television on because if I’m working, I want peace and quite after being around people all day.

That being said, I’m also noticing a lot of different commercials. Some of them have music from the 80s that I used to dance to in clubs. I even have some of them on my IPod. This scares me a little bit. I got used to being a target audience for the 60s and 70s, but come on, the freaking 80s?? Just no, in so many ways.

And then there are the commercials that annoy or amuse me. TGI Friday, there is NO such word as “endlesser”. Not only that, but it’s not even cute. AND while I’m at it, when I was venting about endlesser to a friend, he said that he kept complaining about the same commercial because they are calling appetizers “apps” which is annoying to him because he’s in IT. But then again, I suppose that even bad publicity is good publicity, and I expect that fairly soon, I’ll be hearing young folks say endlesser.

On the amusing side, we have the ads for the Miss Universe pageant. The song they’re using is “American Woman” by “Guess Who” which happens to be a Canadian band for crying out loud, and I giggle every time it’s on.

I’ll be grateful when I’m working again, I don’t know how much longer I can handle the commercials.