I went to the wedding of one of my “pseudo nieces” today. I’m actually an only child, but over the years I have adopted and been adopted by several brothers and sisters so to speak. As a result, many of their children know me as one of their aunties, and we have as much love for each other, and perhaps more, than any “blood relative”.

Today’s wedding was what I would call a tribe wedding. It sort of went like this….

Once upon a time there were two families. Both sets of parents got married fairly early in life, both sets of parents had children. The two sets of parents were friends, the children were friends. As time passed, the two sets of parents split up. One person from each set went about their own ways, but were still very much involved with the children’s lives. The other two people ended up together. I loved all of them, and stayed friends with them all and also with the children, which is an amazing thing in itself.

So today, one niece got married. Another niece officiated. Two other nieces were attendants. All the parents except one, that sadly left us way too early in life, were there. There were some grandchildren there as well.

And the best part was, there was absolutely no difference between any of the family, aka the tribe, be they blood or adopted. The wedding itself, was SO wonderful, the bride was radiant, the groom was handsome, they freaking glowed when taking their vows. And almost as good, was the amount of love going on in the tribe.

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