Take a Whiff…

A partial quote from the Byrds. Or perhaps, a paraphrase from Proust about those damn macaroons.

Smells make memories. The smell of crayons and paste from grade school, the smells of grandma’s talcum power or cologne, the smells of a used bookstore, all of these create memories.

I was reminded of this when I was walking through the hall of my apartment building on the way to the mailbox. Someone is smoking weed, someone is cooking with Vietnamese fish sauce. Another person is cooking bacon and I also smell coffee, probably from the same apartment. When I walk back into my apartment, I smell baked potatoes and my mother’s meatloaf. Well, I suppose it’s actually MY meatloaf, but it’s made using the recipe that my mother used so it smells like hers.

What kinds of smells bring back memories from YOUR life? Is it food, is it a former lover’s perfume or aftershave? Is it the smell of fresh dirt after a rain storm, or perhaps the smell of marigolds…. You may not realize it, but the smells that you smell now may return again in a brief flash when you smell something much later in life.

So yeah, take a whiff.

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