I am hoping for the same thing Molly S Hill. But in the mean time, welcome to the platform.

alto thank you for responding to this. I read your piece that you linked and it is eerily similar to current events.

You are right, it is definitely about weighing the options. Unfortunately for people-pleasers such as myself, being called out as wrong when it comes to allegations and having people angry with what looks like my intention to be combative and accusatory feels almost as hurtful as opening myself up to a manipulative predator. Both of these things will ultimately end in me leaving Medium. Be ostracized, or leave myself potentially vulnerable? It seems crazy that those are comparable to me, but group think is very powerful in that sense.

I don’t like questioning myself or others. I don’t like feeling unsafe or paranoid. I don’t like stifling my thoughts and biting my tongue because of fear of what others will think and fear of what will happen to me. I don’t like ignoring my gut, when it almost never fails me. I don’t like conflict.

Most importantly, I don’t like to see other people get taken advantage of because of their kindness. Wanting to believe the best in everyone shouldn’t make me as vulnerable as I currently am… And yet here we are.

These are all things that have taken place this past week, and it’s not over. I will tell you that I am nearing the end of my rope and my patience, however.

Thanks again for the validation and support- Every little bit helps. When it comes to situations such as this, there is absolutely power in numbers.