You’re the one that brought flippancy into in the conversation.
Sirous Martel

Are you serious? I said I’m not BLAMING society, I’m saying it PLAYS A ROLE. I never said I didn’t mention “society,” or didn’t use the word in the first place….?

Hence why I italicized the word BLAME. It is not cause and effect, but it is influential in the way people interact. That was literally my entire point. PERIOD.

You are completely putting words in my mouth- I never said David was horrible because he was white and a male- I implied that there are OTHER perspectives that need to be taken into consideration when discussing the issues that women face. All of the bitter, sarcastic crap you just spewed is a complete projection on your part.

There is a difference between experiencing something first-hand, and simply hearing an account of it. Just like I will never claim to understand what it’s like to be Middle Eastern or Black, David doesn’t LIVE in a woman’s body. The point of my comment was to bring logic to the situation because clearly, there are men, such as yourself, who believe they have all the answers in the world.

What if I told you and your Father should just toughen the fuck up about his slashed tires? That you are mentioning this story solely to play the victim here? I don’t, because that’s ridiculous. I don’t know what it is like to live in your shoes. I don’t pretend that I’m not white. I don’t have all the answers when it comes to issues concerning race. I own up to my shit. I own up to my white privilege. I don’t say, “Dear Black People, I hear that you are getting killed by the police. I understand what you are going through, though, because I heard it on the news.” That is supremely unfair.

I know what it fucking feels like to live in this body, and what it is truly like to be a woman. I’ve been raped more than once, and I was also raised to be a “nice girl.” Do I pretend that my compliance didn’t play a part? That I was put in most of the situations because creepy men like the one mentioned in this story cornered me and I didn’t have the guts to kick them in the balls? HELL NO. I know the role I played. I don’t blame society for my problems- I did however, acknowledge that my upbringing played a part in my numerous assaults. It has helped me HEAL, not stay “chained” to victimization.

That is literally ALL I was saying here... And you turned it into some petty argument based on semantics.

I’ve said my peace and I don’t need to respond to this anymore. Seriously. Have the last word: I frankly don’t give a damn.