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Good stuff Elliot Nichols !

…And endless thank yous. Seriously.

It is difficult for me to be open about situations like this- From a young age, conflict was foreign to me. Growing up in a Midwestern family of 5, we were taught that everything is fine and dandy. (Not to say we never brought things out in the open, but a positive spin and a slight sugar-coating never hurt anyone, right?)

I am slowly learning how to stand up for myself and others, rather than keeping it all inside. I’ve spent many years ignoring my gut instinct and living in fear. Ultimately the only person who suffers from this is me. (And I suppose other people like me, who are also afraid to use their voice).

It is people like you that help to encourage that behavior. In the long run, not everyone may like it, but it’s definitely a lot healthier. ❤